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​​​Co-ed & Women's Only Areas

The Island Top Team Academy

Island Top Team is the premier Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy on Vancouver Island, and has established a reputation as one of the top academies in BC. Our program is unique in that it streamlines the process of learning what is notoriously the most difficult martial art to master, and develops in our students a deep understanding of principles and concepts rarely found outside of the highest levels of the art. We have proven our system for learning BJJ in competition both individually, with one of our students defeating a black belt after 2 years of training Jiu-Jitsu, and as a team, with 12 gold medals at the 2016 BC Provincial Championships placing us as the #1 academy in the tournament. 

Our BJJ 101 classes are designed to welcome absolute beginners, transform them into confident grapplers, all while reinforcing the habits of experienced practitioners. Our BJJ 201 classes are designed to create highly skilled grapplers that can wear their rank proudly in any training room in the world. In the words of one of our visitors "You've built something really special at Island Top Team. It's really rare to find a place where everyone is so supportive, generous, and focused on helping one another improve. You seem to have somehow managed to foster an atmosphere that both demands high standards and is still incredibly welcoming to and respectful of those who haven't reached them yet. It's a real privilege to get to be an occasional interloper and impose upon your hospitality!"

In addition to sharing our Jiu-Jitsu with Nanaimo, the Island, and the rest of BC, Island Top Team frequently sees BJJ practitioners from around the world travel to train with us. We have had guests from all over North America, as well as Brazil, and as far away as New Zealand, many of them making the trip exclusively to train with our head instructor, who is in demand for seminars all over the lower mainland, and sought out by other instructors for private classes on the cutting edge of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu methodology. Some of our regular students commute from Victoria and Port Alberni just to train here, so if you live in Nanaimo and have any interest in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you owe it to yourself to check out a class.

  • Spin & Abs
  • Super Circuit
  • Core & More
  • Leg & Ab Crusher
  • Yoga for Runners
  • ​Total Body Workout
  • ​​​Dynamic Body & Ab  
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Butts & Guts
  • Yoga
  • Sculpting with weights
  • ​Total Body Ball
  • Spin & Tone
  • Sweat Zone
  • Gentle Yoga
  • Spin
  • Power Step
  • Tone Zone
  • ​Zumba

Nanaimo Athletic Club is a leading premier Vancouver Island health and fitness centre. We are conveniently located on Bowen Road, not far from central Nanaimo and VIU. It is our mission to make fitness an easily accessible goal for everyone. Our facility is one we have purposefully made where no person should feel intimidated, and everyone should feel welcome. Everything is geared towards making this happen, from the facility layout to the staff we select.

"Come just as you are, leave as you want to be."

Our facility has constantly been upgraded and enlarged over the years, and will now not be recognized by past members. We have a very large amount of equipment, including many traditional favorites, but also featuring cutting edge technology such as electricity producing Green Revolution Spin Bikes, functional trainers, TRX systems and Vibration Trainers. We also have more than sufficient cardio equipment, free weights and circuits.   Fitness center, fitness women, local gyms.